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Our Conference accommodation

In the case of conferences all of our unusual and unique accommodation is accessible. We would recommend that you take choose the accommodation with running water !

However if you wish to be a Robinson Crusoe our cabins in the trees would be perfect for you or enjoy a taste of the steppes in our Mongolian yurts.

Please note that all of our accommodation is heated and available in all seasons.



How it works

For us the principle of the single means 1 person in 1 bedroom, however there may be more than 1 bedroom in each accommodation.

The price for the twin is based on two people sharing a room in single beds and again their may be more than 1 twin room in each accommodation.

Any other arrangements and the total price of the accommodation is payable.


The price for single and twin remains the same no matter what accommodation you take, a single in the yurt cost the same as the single in the Castle.



DéfiPlanet' is also a holiday village and unlike a run of the mill hotel, we rent by accommodation and not by room therefore there may be more than 1 room in an accommodation sharing 1 bathroom.

If you wish to have 1 bathroom for  1 guest you will need to take the option to “Privatise” the accommodation.

Please contact us for a complete breakdown of our accommodation capacity at