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Restaurant : “The Elve’s Cauldron” !

New in 2015 !


Concept :



Discover the magical and interactive universe of our

new restaurant “The elve's cauldron” (Chaudron du Farfadet) !



Menus starting from 9.90€ (Main course, dessert, drink)

for adults and 8.00€ for children

A unique restaurant with many surprises to accompany your meal.




Open to all, every evening Monday to Saturday.

Open every Sunday lunch time from 5 May to 27 March 2016.




The menu :


Chaudron du farfadet/


The BBQ packs and take away menu :

For those of you wishing to enjoy dinning in your accommodation, the chef proposes our take away menu created using fresh local ingredients order before 4.00pm the day before you require them.


Alternatively choose the BBQ pack with a selection of marinated meats and cooked by you on one of our grills situated around the village, prices start from 11.00€ for 300g.