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The animals

Up until the 18c, man managed to live in harmony with nature. In the first part of Defiplanet you will discover the every day life of our ancestors, their homes, their culture, the animals that surrounded them and the different way of life.


To start the visit, your faithful steed and companion "Petit Sabot" will introduce you to : 

Ferme avicole défiplanet

  • A time line of biodegradability of day to day  rubbish

  • The  poultry and bird farm, where the chickens, ducks, peacocks explain the changing methods of poultry keeping over the last 50 years, and continue through the park discovering over 50 animals from around the World. 




Next, he will lead you through five villages of the world and meet animals from thoose regions :


  • Cheval Nonius défiplanet

The « Poitou » Farm typical of the region with its famous 

race of donkey, the Baudet du Poitou, the pigs, sheeps,

Poitevin horse, goats and rabbits all waiting to welcome you.


In the interactive museum, "Marie" an inhabitant of Poitou

of about sixty years ago, will take you on a discovery of the

life of yesterday, today and of the future.

She will tell of the transformation of the Poitou, the destruction

of hedgerows, and the digging of irrigation, with the resulting ecological.

  • Dromadaires défiplanet



The Camargue village : Inside this village, you will discover

the gardens and animals of the Camargue such as the cattle

and horses of the Camargue.  

The Berber village : You will meet the local breed of cattle, our dromedaries and of course our famous breed of horse, the "Barbe".


  • Lamas défiplanet

The Hungarian village : You will meet the long haired pigs, the

grey cattle with there huge horns and the beautiful Hungarian horses.


The Mongolian village : You will be welcomed by its yack and Mongolian ponies.