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Discover the Park

Spot FR3 defiplanet par domainededienne


Defiplanet The Park plunges you into a magical adventure where you experience the naturally different. With your friends or family you must make the right choices along your route and correctly answer the riddles to have any hope of saving the planet which is in grave danger.


But do not worry, you do not have to be a super hero to save the planet!

All along your journey you will have the help of your guide, “Petit Sabot”. With his help you will firstly discover the different villages and animals from around the world (camels, lamas, yaks etc. …) and  the ways in which our ancestors, through necessity, lived  in harmony with nature.


Secondly you will enter the magical forest where the elves and leprechauns will help you in your quest for answers. You must be on your guard for the sprites of the forest, avoid their tricks, climb to the tops of the trees to reach the final test and your ultimate goal:  Saving the planet.


The park DefiPlanet is an adventure to enjoy with family or friends located 25 minutes from Poitiers and Futuroscope.


Allow approximately three and a half hours for your visit.
Picnic areas are available