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The magic forest

The immersion chamber :
  • sas immersif défiplanet

In order that you are able to communicate with the animals

and spirits of the forest “Petit Sabot” leads you through

this space of transition which prepares you for your journey

by immersing you in a fantastic universe, thanks to

lighting effects, sound and video. 




The path of truth  :

However before you meet the inhabitants on the magic forest,

you must find your path and respond to the riddles of the forest

in order to free the blue magician and speak to the flying horse “Mirko”.

In all, there are 9 activities to complete and you will be guided

along your path by various apparitions, objects, sculptures and voices.



The Agora :

In this sanctuary and refuge in the heart of the forest, you

will again be put to the tests by the spirits of the forest.

Within the Agora you can also relax, rest and take time to listen to

the forest and all its inhabitants.




The village of the Elves :

In the half-buried village, the elves will explain to you their

lifestyle, the principles of construction of their small houses

and the choice of their mode of cave dwelling.


They will explain how man polluted the Earth. The Elves will pass

on their knowledge of nature, and essential tips for protecting

the planet.



The empire in the trees :


You leave the “Earth” and climb into the “ Air” discovering the

tree top canopy by way of a suspension bridge over forest where

you will, through activities and games, discover the  diversity

of animals who live in the forest.



The world of the Bees :

In partnership with a local bee keeper and honey producer, Mr Roy, Defiplanet installed five beehives. One of the Hives is transparent and you can watch the bees at work in all security.


“Petit Sabot” will explain the important role that the bees play in the balance of our planet and

how there survival directly effect our own.


The Fairy "Melusine" :
  • mélusine défiplanet

On leaving the forest you cross through a wall of water

which, on entering the earth, gives life to the spring of the

fairy Melusine.


Here you will discover the history of the streams, rivers

and waterfalls as they make their winding way to join with

the waters of the seas.